We are an information management system that automates a large part of the practices associated with the operational or productive processes of a state entity.
Our fundamental objective is to provide you with efficient information management for the timely fulfillment of the budget plan framed in your missionary orientation. In addition to solving your accounting problems.


We have different standard modules (Accounting, payroll, inventory, etc.) that can be installed according to the needs of your institution. We can also create specialized modules for your entity.

Modulares ContaGov


We understand that each company has particular needs, therefore, all modules can be adapted according to the specific characteristics of your entity.


Thanks to our modular and configurable system, we can become connoisseurs of your institution; you will have the guarantee that the installed functions are what your company needs, we do not offer you a generic tool, we give you the software that your entity requires.

Conocedores ContaGov


We help you organize. This function allows you to parameterize and create the accounting elements necessary for the company.


We cooperate with the planning of your resources. You can establish and control the destination of the available resources to cover the expenses in a certain period of time.


You have a section where you can manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, money orders and cash deductions.


We are your support in the monthly payroll settlement. You can also register and edit your employees, note the news that they present, EPS, pension funds and severance.


Our platform generates reports as required by the General Accounting Office of the Nation. In this way we provide the necessary support for the optimization of your processes and times.


We collaborate with your obligations. We provide you with the tools that facilitate the payment of taxes and the obligations of a government institution.


We make administration easier. Now you can list, create, or edit any accounting document available within the system (purchase invoices, accounting notes, petty cash receipts, receipts, receipts, and bank transfers) from one place.