According to ‘Priming a New Era of Digital Wellness’, a study conducted by Quartz Insights with Citrix Systems, technology is the way for employees to reach their peak performance and have a successful company.

"A superior employee experience is critical to driving top business goals, from attracting and retaining talent to increasing customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and ultimately revenue," says Donna Kimmel, executive vice president and Citrix Human Resources Director.

In a global survey of more than 1,000 workers from different industries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, China, Japan and Australia, Quartz researchers found that 90 percent of respondents with access to "good technology" claims to be more productive.

What defines "good technology"? In a word: simplicity. Of all those who participated in the Quartz survey, about 84 percent answered that they just want intuitive and easy-to-use apps.


Three out of four respondents noted that technology must eliminate friction and automate the insignificant tasks that dominate their days so they can focus on the work that does matter, for which they were hired.

"Employees don't want to waste time delivering purchase orders, reporting expenses or looking for information," added Kimmels. "They want to be creative and innovative, and they want to use their special skills to create value."


Modern employees also want - and hope - to control when, where, and how they work, and they consider digital technology, along with new, more flexible working modalities, to be the way to get it.

When asked to rank factors in order of importance based on their ability to create work environments that allow them to do their best, Quartz survey participants ranked work mode third, after salary and leadership, and before access to effective technology.

And more than 75 percent said greater flexibility in their work schedule would help them innovate and be more creative.

“Clearly, to attract and retain talent in today's competitive job market and drive business, companies must rethink the meaning of 'workspace' and create digital environments that support new work modalities and provide access to tools. and information that employees need to do their best when and how they want, ”said Kimmel.


Technology has completely transformed the way we work. Today's employees can connect to the office from anywhere, anytime. But that doesn't mean they should. According to the Quartz study, 67 percent of respondents believe that "being always connected" has a major negative impact on their health and well-being. But there is a solution.

By employing digital workspace solutions, companies can optimize each employee's workday by organizing, guiding, and automating work in a smart and personalized way. More than 75 percent of those surveyed by Quartz believe that these tools can help find a balance between work and private life and thus prevent professional burnout. And 80 percent said that should be a priority for managers.


"When it comes to technology, what matters is no longer the result it delivers, but the value it creates for employees," said Kimmel. "The best companies know this and are dedicated to designing people-centered experiences that inspire and empower their employees to deliver transformative results."

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